Announcing the First Josh/Howie Retreat

Ready for a fun, challenging, educational, life-changing immersive experience led by Josh LaJaunie and Howard Jacobson, co-founders of WellStart Health and co-authors of Sick to Fit?

We're thrilled to announce our first in-person event: a weekend retreat in beautiful North Carolina the weekend of November 14-17, 2019.

We'll be staying in a gorgeous farmhouse, next to rolling hills and fields of goats, donkeys, horses, and cows.


Cooking our own food.

Going for walks and hikes and runs.

Getting coached.

Busting old paradigms and belief systems.

And having a grand old time.

Josh and I aren't “planners,” per se. We aren't going to come up with a line-by-line, minute-by-minute agenda.

Instead, we've drawn up a general, dynamic, and possibility-laden vision of what the experience will be.

Watch us talk about it here:


The cost, which includes food and lodging, is $850 per person, or $1250 for a couple (which we define as two people willing to share a queen-sized bed – no questions asked).

Introductions will begin the evening of Thursday, November 14, and we'll get started for real on Friday morning. The retreat ends with lunch at noon ET on Sunday, November 17.

The nearest airport is RDU (33 minutes away). It's a hub for Southwest, and accommodates all the major airlines.

Next Steps If You're Interested

As you can see, we're not trying to convince anyone to join us with a strong-arm marketing pitch. Don't even think about signing up for this retreat unless you already know, like, and trust at least one of us. (If you don't know us yet, because somebody sent you this link or you accidentally arrived here after searching Google for “Sick ToFurkey,”), then please download our book, Sick to Fit, for free on Amazon, or watch some of Josh's appearances on TV and other videos (see below).

If it's me you're looking for (“Hello”), check out my Plant Yourself Podcast or the books I've written with T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Garth Davis, MD.

Is the retreat right for you?

Let's get on the horn and find out. Go here to book an enrollment interview, during which we'll get on the phone and talk about whether it's a good fit.

The enrollment interview is $25, and is totally refundable if either of us decides it's not a good fit. And if you do end up coming, it will be deducted from the full fee.

Got questions you need answered before booking an interview? Hit me up:

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